fatalix industries

Who are we?

Fatalix Industries, founded in late July of 2006, is an experienced Wormhole corporation within the Eve Online Universe.  We are not currently a member of any Blocs or Alliances, which provides a unique form of autonomy.  Fatalix prides itself on welcoming new and old players alike.  We encourage and support our members to play the game the way they like and offer many tools and services to help you on your journey.

mining & RATTING

As a member of Fatalix Industries, you will have access the unique opportunity to make ISK in wormhole space by mining ore, ice, gas and moons or ratting.


Fatalix Industries offers regular fleets from massive Alliance battles to small corporation level fleets. As a member of Fatalix, you will have access to a vast array of ship fits and other PVP resources


Fatalix Industries has an extensive BPO library, facilities to produce from and guidance from experienced players will help you on your way to ruling the market.

Wormhole mining

By joining Fatalix Industries, you will be granted unique access to public corporation owned moons, Wormhole gases, Lowsec Gases, Ice and Ore anomalies


Living in a Wormhole, ISK has never been easier to make!

Wormhole Sites

Wormhole sites are slightly different than lowsec or null pirate sites.  In Wormholes, you will encounter something more challenging, Sleeper sites.  The ISK potential is much higher than sites in regular space.  We will provide you the guidance to start making your mark on the way to riches!

Play The Way You Want

Living in a wormhole doesn’t mean you have to stay in the wormhole.  Our home always has a connection to Highsec and Lowsec/Nullsec through our C3 connection.  This gives you the opportunity to venture out across the EVE universe on a whim.  Whether you feel like ratting in Lowsec, roaming for PVP in null sec, running missions, whatever you want to do is simply a jump away!

Corporation Services

           Buyback Program

Fatalix Industries offers a very fair and profitable buyback program.  Any loot you procure during your travels can be sold to the corporation at a percentage.  This is a very convenient way to line your wallet with ISK

              Freight Service

Fatalix Industries pridefully extends it’s hauling services to its members.  For a fair price, you can hire Fatalix to move your inventory across the many systems of Eve


As a member of Fatalix Industries, you will have access to an extensive library of resources both from the corporation and the alliance.  Such as video tutorials, written instructions, fittings and much much more

Are you ready?