fatalix industries

Join us today!

Fatalix Industries is always looking for experienced capsuleers, and those willing to learn, to join us. Come be a part of Brave Collective and Legacy Coalition.

NULL sec mining & RATTING

Access the unique opportunity to make ISK in null by mining ice and moons or ratting


Fatalix offers regular fleets. From massive coalition battles to small corp level fleets, we can get you started into the world of Eve PVP


An extensive BPO library, facilities to produce from, and guidance from experienced players

NULL sec mining

24/7 mining opportunities with multiple ice spawns available in our home region


Access to moon extractions providing access to rare materials


Null sec ratting is a great ISK making opportunity


We have access to multiple systems that always have combat anomalies available to you

Escalations & Plexes

Scan down plexes, buy escalations, or get your own. We’ll help show you the ropes on the next step of ISK making for null sec PVE


We offer a heavily discounted jump freighter service and corp buyback programs

Jump Freighter Service

You'll gain access to the extensive logistics network available within Legacy Coalition. Corp jump freighter service is also available to help move your stuff around null sec

Buyback Program

We purchase everything from rat loot to ore so you don't have to worry about moving your valuables around. Our custom buyback calculator even includes both Jita and Perimeter pricing, so you always get a fair payout