The calculator below is to be used for calculating the values for courier contracts between Shastal and PPFB-U. Simply enter the volume of the things being shipped, and a collateral amount. Collateral should be set to roughly 110% of the value of the items you are shipping. If you need to set collateral higher than 3 billion ISK, please ask for prior approval. Only check the box if you are a member of Fatalix Industries. If you enter incorrect values in your final contract, it will be rejected.

Also, please avoid shipping unpackaged ships or containers when possible.

Origins and Destinations:

  • Shastal – BORE Freeport EC Tunnel
  • PPFB-U – John’s Garage
Freight Calculator (numbers only, don't input commas or other characters)


Use the tool above to calculate the reward you should set for a courier contract. You can either move items from Airaken to NSI-MW or vice-versa. Setup your courier contract with the following parameters:

  • Contract Type: Courier
  • Availability: Private (Fatalix Industries)
  • Ship To: PPFB-U – John’s Garage or Shastal – BORE Freeport EC Tunnel
  • Expiration: 7 Days
  • Reward: Value from the calculator above
  • Collateral: Value you entered in the calculator (value of cargo + 10%)
  • Days to Complete: 3