Welcome to Fatalix Industries [FXIN] and Brave Collective [BRAVE]. This guide will help you get setup with the various services offered by both the corporation and the alliance. It will also inform you of some requirements and rules while living in FXIN and BRAVE space.

Much of the guide below depends on the Eve API to function. If you’ve joined FXIN within the last 24 hours, than some steps may not work immediately. 


3rd Party Tools

Before going further, you’ll need to download the following applications:


It is mandatory for all members of Fatalix to login at least one time to the corp Auth server with all of their characters. Alts can be added by clicking “Add Character” from the Dashboard

  • FXIN Auth:

Discord Setup

Discord is used to communicate important information to our members. This includes pings for upcoming fleets, and general areas to chat and ask questions. 

Legacy/Voltron Discord

The Legacy/Voltron Discord is similar to the FXIN Discord, but is done on the Legacy Auth server:


Mumble Setup

Mumble is used for voice communication during Alliance and Coalition fleets. It’s very important that you have Mumble fully configured (at least for listening) prior to joining fleets.

Legacy Mumble

The process for setting up the Legacy Mumble server is the same as above, but will be done from the Legacy Auth Server


BRAVE Core Services

Brave has its own seperate guide for all of its IT services. Please follow the BRAVE guide to get setup in the Core service, Mumble, and Slack.


Intel and Standing Fleets

Watching and monitoring intel channels is key to surviving in null sec, especially when ratting or mining. You should always be watching these channels when active in game.

  • Int.Querious  – Querious Regional Intel
  • Int.Catch         – Catch Regional Intel

You should also use Fleet Finder in-game to find the standing fleet (Legacy REGION-NAME Standing) for your current region. Always join this fleet when mining or ratting.

Important Rules

There are a few important rules that must always be followed

  • Don’t create problems or drama. We’re all here to have fun
  • When running combat sites, mining, or exploring; you should be in a system owned by BRAVE
  • Only mine moons if they’re “public” for all of BRAVE (pinged in Slack) or rented by Fatalix
  • You are not allowed to fly any ships in high sec during a war. You may only be in high sec if you are in a pod. People who regularly feed highsec war targets will be spoken to about it. Please be smart, especially around trade hubs.
  • No mining, ratting, or other activities are allowed during while a Strat Op or CTA (Call To Arms) fleet is active. You need to monitor the information posted in the standing fleet and Discord.
  • If flying a Rorqual is a goal of yours, read this first:

Travel & Logistics

When first moving into null, it is highly recommended that you use a jump freighter service. Trying to fly ships into our home region is very risky.


If you need things moved around within Querious, you can reach out to the corp for help, or use the above JF services.

For moving yourself, you will want to take advantage of the Jump Bridge network. JBs can be seen on the in-game map, or you can use a third party tool like like Freeburn to build the route for you: It may take 2 or 3 days after joining FXIN before Freeburn will work.