Welcome to Fatalix Industries [FXIN]. This guide will help you get setup with the various services offered by the corporation. It will also inform you of some requirements and rules while living in FXIN.

Much of the guide below depends on the Eve API to function. If you’ve joined FXIN within the last 24 hours, then some steps may not work immediately. 

3rd Party Tools

Before going further, you’ll need to download the following applications:


It is mandatory for all members of Fatalix to login at least one time to the corp Auth server with all of their characters. Alts can be added by clicking “Add Character” from the Dashboard

  • FXIN Auth:

Member Audit

After adding characters to Auth, you must add them to the Member Audit page:

Discord Setup

Discord is used to communicate important information to our members. This includes pings for upcoming fleets, and general areas to chat and ask questions.  We do a lot of corp level coordination from here.

  • FXIN Discord:

Important Rules

There are a few important rules that must always be followed

  • Don’t create problems or drama. We’re all here to have fun