Welcome to Fatalix Industries [FXIN] and Warped Intentions [W4RP]. This guide will help you get setup with the various services offered by both the corporation and the alliance. It will also inform you of some requirements and rules while living in FXIN and W4RP space.

3rd Party Tools

Before going further, you’ll need to download the following applications:



It is mandatory for all members of Fatalix to login at least one time to both the corp and alliance SeAT servers with all of their characters. If you have more than one character, you can link your additional characters by clicking your name in the top right corner after logging in, and then selecting “Link Characters”. 


Discord Setup

Discord is used to communicate important information to our members. This includes pings for upcoming fleets, and general areas to chat and ask questions. 

FXIN Discord

You will need to have logged into the FXIN SeAT Server at least 5 minutes ago for these steps to work. After 5 minutes have passed, you should see an option on the left side of the page for “Connectors” and then “Identities”. Click on the Discord “Join Server” option from there.

After entering your Discord credentials, you should be automatically joined to the FXIN Discord server. This will also provide group memberships and will update your name on the server.

W4RP Discord

Accessing the W4RP Discord server is done via Auth:

After logging into Auth, you will want to go to the Services page on the left. Then click the orange check mark to the right of the Discord service. Login with your Discord credentials and you will be joined to the Discord W4RP Server.

Legacy/Voltron Discord

The Legacy/Voltron Discord is setup the same as the W4RP Discord, but is done on the Legacy Auth server:


Mumble Setup

Mumble is used for voice communication during Alliance and Coalition fleets. It’s very important that you have Mumble fully configured (at least for listening) prior to joining fleets.

W4RP Mumble

Login to the W4RP Auth Server. Go to the services section on the left, and then click the orange check mark to the right of Mumble. Write down or save your username and password in your favorite password manager. Select Continue and you’ll be brought back to the services page.

Once back on the services page, you can click the green text under Domain. This will allow you to automatically launch Mumble and connect to the server. 

You will then be prompted for your username and password. Enter the username and password that you wrote down earlier. 

Legacy Mumble

The process for setting up the Legacy Mumble server is the same as above, but will be done from the Legacy Auth Server


FOLLOW THE NEXT STEPS CAREFULLY. There is NO WAY to recover your Wiki username or password. BE SURE TO SAVE THEM SOMEWHERE!

To register your account on the wiki, use the following link:

Be sure to write down the username and password it gives you! After you have a username and password, you can login to the Wiki here:


Intel and Standing Fleets

Watching and monitoring intel channels is key to surviving in nulsec, especially when ratting or mining. You should always be watching these channels when active in game.

  • Int.Immenseaz – Immensea Region Intel
  • Int.Catch         – Catch Region Intel

For additional help monitoring these channels, consider using Spyglass. This tool will automatically monitor intel chat logs, and provide audio alerts when hostiles are nearby. Make sure to right click the tray icon for audio alert options.


You should also use Fleet Finder in-game to find the standing fleet (Legacy REGION-NAME Standing) for your current region. Always join this fleet when mining or ratting.


Important Rules

There are a few important rules that must always be followed

  • Don’t create problems or drama. We’re all here to have fun
  • When running combat sites or mining, you should be in our assigned system of PFFB-U
  • You are not allowed to fly any ships in high sec during a war. You may only be in high sec if you are in a pod. If you are killed flying a ship (even a corvette) in high sec you will be fined 500m ISK.
  • When running complexes or doing exploration, you should be in W4RP space, or an approved alliances space found here:
  • No mining, ratting, or other activities are allowed during while a Strat Op or CTA (Call To Arms) fleet is active. You need to monitor the information posted in the standing fleet and Discord.
  • If flying a capital ship, follow the rules here:

Travel & Logistics

When first moving into null, it is highly recommended that you use a jump freighter service. Trying to fly ships into our home region is very risky.


Both services will deliver to L-5JCJ, which is near our home system. If you have a lot of stuff to move from L-5, the corp can help with jump freighter service to PPFB-U.

For moving yourself, you will want to take advantage of the Jump Bridge network. JBs can be seen on the in-game map, or you can use a third party tool like like Freeburn to build the route for you: You may not be able to access this after you first join the corp, so join the in-game channel “FXIN Travel” for help with jump bridges.