Fatalix Invasions

Welcome to Fatalix Invasions! This page covers some basic info for people who are new to Invasions or fleet PVE in Eve Online.


  1. Don’t be a dick. We’re here to have fun, and you should be to.


  1. You must be in an appropriately fit doctrine ship, or a ship with an adequate armor tank and resists.
  2. You cannot be in a corp or alliance that is war dec’d
  3. You must always abide by Rule #1

Ingame Channel

Join the In-Game channel “Fatalix Invasions” for the current fleet status, location, and other important information. The Message of the Day (MotD) in the channel will always be kept up to date with that information and links to important things like this guide and recommended fittings.


Recommended Settings

There are several Eve in-game settings you should change before joining the fleet.

CSPA Charge

Verify your CSPA charge is set to “0”. You can do this by going to your Mail Settings, and verifying the CSPA Charge field is zero.



The Tag field is a way for your FC to designate and call out specific targets that you should be shooting. They will appear next to the various NPCs in your overview, but only if you are displaying Tags. To make sure tags are displayed, go into your Overview Settings, and then the Columns tab. Make sure there is a “X” next to Tag and verify it is near the top of the list.

You will generally shoot tags in order, from 1 to 9, or in a similar fashion. Tag “J” generally designates a target that you should NOT shoot.

Audio Alerts

Audio Alerts are alarms that can warn you when certain conditions (such as low shield) have occurred. You can setup an alert for your shield by opening the settings menu in the bottom right corner of you HUD, and then selecting Configure Ship Health Alert Settings


It is then recommended that you set the “Shield Alert Threshold” to around 90%. Do NOT set this higher than 95% or it may never alert you.


Safety to Green

To avoid accidentally getting any type of aggression, suspect, or criminal flag, please keep your safety set to Green.



Auto-Reject Duels

Accidentally accepting a duel request can prevent logi from repping you, and otherwise put you at risk. Set duels to auto-reject while in a Fatalix Invasion fleet. Access your Duel settings by pressing Escape to get to the Settings Menu. Then go to General Settings check the box to Auto Reject Invitations.


Drone Settings

In many cases you will be assigning your drones to another play while in fleet. To make sure this works correctly, you should set your drones to Passive and Focus Fire. You can do this from your drone window.



Voice Comms (Discord)

It is mandatory to be in the correct Discord channel when a part of the fleet. Please be sure to join our Discord channel (check the Fatalix Invasions channel motd for a link) prior to requesting a fleet invite.


Buying and Fitting Your Ship

All ships joining fleet must be properly armor tanked. There are example fittings in the “FXIN Primary” channel in-game. Other ships and fits are allowed, but these examples will give you an idea of the types of armor eHP and resists you will need. When in doubt, only fly a recommended ship and fitting. 

X-Up to Join Fleet

Got your ship? Have you flown the staging system? You’ve joined Discord? You’re ready to go! Go ahead and type X and LINK YOUR SHIP FITTING in the “FXIN Invasion” in-game channel

You can link your current ships fitting by opening the Fitting menu (Alt + F) and dragging your ship name in the top left corner into the chat channel. After the FC has room in the fleet and approves your fitting, you’ll get a fleet invite. Please accept quickly and follow the FC’s instructions to catch up with the fleet.


You may notice that all of the recommended ships lack an armor repairer. This is because Fatalix Invasions relies on logistics (logi) ships to keep us alive. Whenever NPCs begin attacking you (making you the primary) you need to broadcast for armor. Our logi ships will then lock you and begin repairing your ship. To broadcast for armor, press the second button from the left on the bottom of the fleet window. If you don’t understand these instructions, then inform the FC BEFORE you catch up with the fleet. It’s very important that you understand how to broadcast for reps!

Other Concepts & Vocabulary

Fleet Commander (FC)– The FC is the person in charge of the fleet. They will call out instructions for other pilots in the fleet to follow, and will typically be the ship everybody tries to stay near.

Anchor– Instead of deciding where to fly your ship, you’ll just be keeping your ship close to your Anchor, who is typically the FC. To do this, right click the pilot who is your anchor, and select Keep at Range->1,000m.

Watchlist– Right click a pilot and selected Fleet->Add to Watchlist to put them on your watchlist. This will make them easier to locate. Be sure to add the FC! You can right click a person on your watchlist to warp to them or anchor on them. Once you have your watchlist, you can drag and drop names from Fleet chat directly into the watchlist.

Logi Stuff

Everybody loves logi. The fleet can’t fly if we don’t have enough people in logistics ships, so it’s a good ship to have a Nestor ready if you can fly one!

Cap Buddy

Fatalix Invasions fleets will sometimes utilize fits that require a ‘cap buddy’. This means that you may have a ship (or two) that you are responsible for sending capacitor to at all times. These ships will also be sending capacitor back to you, creating more capacitor for the group. Be sure to find a cap buddy if needed (just ask in fleet!) and add these pilots to the top of your watchlist.


In addition to the FC, all logi pilots should watchlist all other logi pilots as a priority. I would recommend having your cap buddies near the top of the list, or highlighted a specific color. Most invasion fleets should allow the entire fleet to be in your watchlist.

Ship Replacement Program (SRP)

Oh noes! You got blapped! Hopefully you insured your ship, but even if you didn’t, Fatalix Invasions can help you out. At the start of each fleet, you may optionally send 15m ISK to the corp “Fatalix Industries”. If your ship is destroyed during the fleet, you will be re-imbursed up to 1.5b ISK. The amount re-imbursed is based on the z-kill value after platinum insurance payout.

Replacement may be denied at the FC’s discretion if instructions from this document, or from the FC, were not followed.